Play for Pink

  1. The tournament is 7 v 7 
  2. Played on turf at VISTA HIGH SCHOOL. Approximately 60 by 40/45. 
  3. Corners will be played with 3 players and a goalie. 
  4. On Defensive corners all team mates not involved in corner must go to 25 of opposite end
  5. Follow FIH rules
  6. Teams may be co-ed:
  7. U-16/19, and U-19 pools can only play 2 boys on the field at a time. 
  8. U-12, U-14 and Adult must have a minimum of 3 girl field players on the field 
  1. Teams may have 12 players
  2. Division winners receive a T-shirt(12)

**Tiebreaker:  As this is a benefit tournament and we want to promote sportsmanship:

  1. Least amount of goals scored against your team
  2. Goal differential
  3. Number of goals scored
  4. 1 vs Goalie-3
  5. 1 vs Goalie Sudden Death


Please remind your players(parents) to sign the online waivers.  I will check on Wed and see who has missing waivers and let you know.  Please check in at Registration table on arrival.  If you have changes in roster; send me the updated roster.

We have limited T-Shirts for pre-sale on-line to pre-order (we will pull and have them set aside). 

You may set up in designated places around the track.  Please clean up after your team!!  Please try to keep your parents in the stands and not on the field.  Please No dogs as it is posted and not allowed at Vista High School!  Vista High School is a construction zone on campus and we must stay in our areas.

Vista High School will be running the snack bar with all proceeds going to the field hockey program.

Silent Auction and Raffle tickets will be available for a chance to win gift baskets and field hockey items

All profits go to Susan G. Komen.  Thank you for your support of a great cause!